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We got responses from 46 countries in the survey with the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan in the top five slots. This is the place to talk about international exploits, friendships, road trips - anything where you've skated with others from a country other than your own.

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Postby Bri » Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:23 pm

Because I live here & there is some half decent stuff to ride on these days, not that I have ridden above about six so far on my skate re-birth & most of the best stuff is as usual miles away down south, but will work on that one. :D

I just wish that the local authorities here that told us to F**k off in the 80's when all we wanted was use of a building or space so we could build a ramp, are now spending £100,000 & more on pieces of utter crap, would stop & actually listen to those who know their stuff & stop wasting all that cash, but as they are covered in scooter kids using it as a playground, as far as they are concerned it's job done, poor design, poor construction, no finishing off the surroundings, with the amount of cash being spent it could be another story if they cared!

Rant over!! :lol:
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