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40 and getting new gear.

Skinny lollipops? Snub noses? Money bumps? Swallow tails? Diamond tails? Indys? Trackers? Gullwings? This is the place for any and all discussions on what was and is the best equipment for the older skater.

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40 and getting new gear.

Postby Ork » Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:36 pm

Hello all, I was a sk8ter back in 86-90s and turned 40 this past March. Last month my niece took up skating and my bro brought her to me to help get some gear. Being was I was pretty good and sponsored by CSS (Long defunct) in Pompano Beach, FL. back in the late 80s they figured I could help her out. I took her to a skate shop and got her all setup. Man how things have changed. The popsicle boards I find odd but I understand change.

Well, I got hit by the bug again once I saw the local skate park. Man it's nice! Not as pure as true street but it's better then getting some shop owner mad at you grinding out their property I guess hehe. So I got me some new gear, a deck by Tired Skateboards, 159 Independents (with old and new hardware spacing) and some 60mm 95a Creature wheels. I had to drill some extra holes in my deck because I wanted to use my old CellblockIII risers. Hope these new Indes are as good as the old ones.

I guess this is more of, I'm old and back at it again! I didnt see an introduction thread so here I am.
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Re: 40 and getting new gear.

Postby leebryan » Sat Jul 19, 2014 11:09 am

Hi Ork, and welcome to the community!

Sounds like the setup you have will be just about perfect for getting back into it. Please post back regularly and let us know how your getting along. Best, Lee.
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