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Teaching newbies

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Teaching newbies

Postby leebryan » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:57 am

This morning, like every other Saturday morning, I'm headed to the local park to teach kids at a specific beginner session. We get kids from complete beginners to kids who can drop in and navigate the park well enough to go into a normal session. I love these sessions, as they generally make real breakthroughs. I know I don't need to tell you lot out there how satisfying it is to teach a kid to drop in. I see it as a real transitional event (pun intended). I love seeing the parents also. At our park, there are video camera set up so the parents can watch what their kids are up to. The crowd around them full of moments of joy as little Jonny learns kick turns is a joy to behold. Some of them even get inspired and resolve to join our ranks of the half dead! I've taught quite a few families now as actual skating families. I love that. How do you all pass it on to the next generation?
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Re: Teaching newbies

Postby GrahamJohnBaker » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:07 pm

I have also given advise about dropping in on ramps I also tell other skaters not to worry about being good and not to worry too much if they cannot land a kickflip or any other trick I tell them you just need to be able to have fun no matter good or crap they are and that even if they just learn to cruise they are still skateboarding I often tell them I am totally crap myself even though I have been skating nearly 25 years more skaters should realise that it does not matter how good or crap they are if they enjoy skating and just have fun it really does not matter if they cannot do any tricks if you take all the tricks a way from skateboarding and just have carving and turning you would still have something you could call skateboarding but if you take away cruising carving and turning you take a way the very essence of skateboarding as cruising carving and turning is the very heart and soul of skateboarding you can take a way everything else trick wise etc. and only have cruising and carving that would still be skateboarding more skaters should be aware of this too many skater quit because they cannot do any tricks or just get angry because they cannot land a trick and throw their board around because they cannot land a trick they should use there skateboarding to unwind while it is nice be creative and be able to do tricks they should use their tricks to help them unwind and have fun instead of throwing their board around and getting angry because they cannot land a trick
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